A Safe Call Form

Information needed by the people you want to protect you:

Please give this information, or as much as possible, to your safe call people a couple of days in advance of your play session, so that they’re prepared (able to have a full gas tank, arrangement for a sitter if they have kids… whatever things need to be taken care of if they need to go and rescue you).

Your real full name:______________________
Your address at home:______________________
Your phone number:______________________

Name of your childcare provider:_________________
Phone number and address of where your kids are located:_________________

Name and number of your emergency contact person (one who can make medical decisions for you, if you are unable to):_______________________

Full name of your play partner:__________________

Location where you’ll be playing:________________________________

Phone number where you can be reached during play: ______________________

Times you will call and check in:________________________

“Clear” words (you must use these during the call to confirm that everything is fine):

“Danger” words (if you use these, it means you’re in serious trouble): __________________________

What you want them to do if you don’t call as expected or use danger words or fail to use clear words:
______________________ (e.g. phone you, phone the police, etc)

Some of this information may seem to be a real invasion of your privacy, but consider… if you can’t trust your safe call people with this information, should they be your safe call? The information you provide is for YOUR safety, assuming the worst case senario. Of course no one wants the worst to happen, but being unprepared and uninformed is danger waiting to happen. Your safe call people wish nothing to happen to you either, and they must know this information to provide the best safety for you.

If for whatever reason you choose NOT to have a safe call person…. Fill the form out, carry one copy on your person, and leave one at home, where it can be found easily. At least that way, someone can find the information if you go missing. We DO NOT recommend this — it’s much, much better to find a safe call person you trust will take care of you.

Please be considerate to your safe call people, make your calls as close to the time you said you would so they don’t worry, remembering the time frame you have set up. (i.e….. no call 15 mins after the time, the safe call person starts action).

Remember — Safe, Sane, Consensual…. Always!

`TimberWolf and callay{TW}