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Support Groups, Information Resources and Fun Stuff:

Books, Magazines, Other Information Resources:

Places to shop for fetish clothing, toys, services, etc.

If you’re looking for a kink-friendly photographer who does awesome work, check out John J. Anklet.

If you’re looking for collars, slave rings or any other kind of BDSM-related jewellery, we strongly recommend Franklin the Fetjeweller. He does very good work.

If you’re shopping for good prices, there’s a BDSM community liquidator at

Looking for high-quality rope? One excellent choice is Morgaine’s Handmade Rope.

For leather gear, check out Sinvention.

Kilandra has started to make fetishwear. Check out her site.

If you’re interested in corsetry, be sure to check out Besides having a clever name, they also do good work.

Windsurfer sells all kinds of cool single-tail whips. Check out his site at

If you’re looking for single-tail whips, you should definitely check out Joe Wheeler’s site (

Looking for kinky postcards? The place to go is St Mongo Deviant Art. If chain mail toys are your thing, then the person you want to contact is The Chain Mail Guy.

If you’re looking for a piercing, we strongly recommend the work of Mirabelle at Stargazer Studios (460 Parliament, Unit #1, Toronto 416 928-3579). She used to be with Urban Primitive.

An excellent supplier of bondage equipment is Master R’s Dungeon Equipment in Toronto.

Eden Fantasies sells toys online.

If you’re looking for corsets, check out Starkers.

One of our members works with Fantasia, selling lingerie, oils and toys.

An online store called Dressing for Pleasure offers EhBC members a 10% discount.

Looking for kink-friendly career counselling? One good source is Dana Shaw at LifeTrack.

A Canadian online leather/toy store is Halfway creations.

There’s a rope supplier called Handmade Rope.

RenaldoWare make a variety of BDSM gear.

If you’re looking for an event that involves kink, sex and clay (yes, clay) the only people to contacvt are Gaia and Atia at Lets Get Dirty.

The following stores are located in Toronto, just over an hour’s drive from Kitchener-Waterloo.

If you want to do mail-order over the net, check out Blowfish, The Stockroom or Snake Pit Leather Works (15% discount for members of EhBC).

Professional Dommes

For those of you looking for a professional Dominatrix in the Southwestern Ontario region, here are links to a few of them.

Local Interest

The EhBC group is centered in Kitchener-Waterloo, and we’re proud of our local community. Here are some links to more information about the area: