The History of EhBC

Many people have asked how EhBC got started. This page is designed to provide a little historical background.

The Beginning

Tom Legrady contributed this copy of the original message announcing the formation of the EhBC list back in 1993. Please note that none of the addresses in it are valid anymore.

Article: 38773 of
Subject: Ontario Munch and Mailing List Community
Sender: (Anonymous Contact Service)
Organization: Anonymous Contact Service @ N7KBT
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 1993 06:33:27 GMT
Lines: 50

	Ontario Munch and Mailing List Community Being Formed

Have you found yourself sitting at your terminal, griping about all
these social get-togethers that seem to happen on the East and Left
coasts?  Does it sound really cool to have a social community of other
perverts to hang out and party with?  I just spent the last 8 months in
the DC area, and it is cool.  So instead of moaning and bitching about
not being able to drive 700 miles for an evening out, join us in the
formation of the southwestern Ontario pervert's mailing list and dinner

Since it worked so well in DC, I'm going to steal both the gags and the
format from the DC-area list.  Our list is called ehbc (A B C, but
pronounced in Canadian, eh? :-)--the Northern branch of the BD/SM/DS
Alphabet Research Group.  To subscribe to it, send mail to the human
moderator at  The only function of the
moderator is to manage the subscription list:  there are no discussion
rules.  The intent is for social discussions of local interest, but
until something becomes a problem, anything goes.

There will be one munch a month that is publicly posted to A.S.B to
attract wandering newbies.  Other munches will be called ad hoc on the
mailing list.  The first munch is to be held at The Lion Brew Pub in
Waterloo on Tuesday April 14th at 7:30 pm.  The point to the public
posting is so that anyone can come, however RSVPs would be appreciated
so we can get a reasonably accurate reservation.  In DC, we had between
9 and 45 people show up, so a bit of warning helps smooth things over.

The current members of the ehbc cabal are myself (Blaze nee Akai,,, arnora (,
Master, and Anita (  If you're tired of
feeling like the only one around, come join us for dinner.

Blaze  \X/nee Akai

Please DON'T use this service for tests or personals.  Send E-MAIL to:              to post your E-MAIL item       to E-MAIL anonymous user              to test path/get alias             to contact ACS administrator

The regulars in the early days were Arnora, Bernie and Tom, and the group expanded rapidly from there.

The List Moves

When Blaze moved on to¬†greener pastures, the list got transplanted to a machine called “plg” at the University of Waterloo, where it remained for a year or so. Finally, in September 1996, the list moved to its current location.


1997: The Year We Joined the Web

Here’s the message announcing the creation of the EhBC web page:

From: Karen Davidson 
To: munch
Subject: Announcing...

The bare bones of the EHBC homepage! Check it out and let me know what you
think... and please don't pass the url around til the majority of the
munch crowd has approved it first.


Since then, of course, the group has grown by leaps and bounds…