The EhBC List Rules

Operational Rules for the EhBC list:

1. By reading and returning these rules to the EhBC list administrators,
you are electronically “signing” the following certification.

“I the undersigned, solemnly declare and affirm as follows: I am an adult,
being at least 18 or 21 years of age (depending on my jurisdiction). I am
not accessing this material to use against the list operators, or any other
person whomsoever, in any conceivable manner. I will not permit any minor
to see this material, or any other person who might find such material
personally offensive. I am not downloading any material from this list
for any commercial purpose whatsoever.”

2. You agree to be polite and civil in all messages posted to the list, no
matter how opposing your personal opinions may be. This community relies on
respect for individual differences. Be passionate, be forceful, but be polite
or take it off-list. Personal attacks or insults of any kind will result in
your being immediately removed from the list.

3. You agree not to redistribute list mail in any manner to anyone who is
not already on the list, unless you have the original writer’s express
permission each time you wish to do so. You are free to do with your own
posts as you wish. For privacy, please be sure to strip references to the
EhBC list address before forwarding material to someone not on the list.

4. You agree not to post, or quote private mail without the express
permission of the author.

5. Advertising for goods or services must be kept to a minimum, be tasteful,
and be topic specific. We support our own, but do not want the list overrun
with advertisements.

6. Please trim quoted text to keep the size of your post down (quoted text
should not exceed the amount of new text). But do quote previous posts so
others can follow your references.

7. No binary files, jpegs, Mac BinHex files, or any other large file formats.
Not everyone has the facilities to handle these files.

8. No public or private “Trolling”. This is a discussion group, not a
dating service. Flirtation is welcome only so long as the parties
involved are enjoying it, and you may be requested to take it off-line.

9. Off-topic fun is welcome to a point, but after the 5th or so reply,
take the puns and one-liners off the list. Extended discussions of topics
not related to BDSM is strongly discouraged.

10. Do not pass on information about any individuals that you see on the
list. Any information requested for admin purposes (other than *voluntary*
phone tree information) is confidential and not provided to the list in
general. This includes the “Who’s Who” of who’s on the list. The list
administrators will not tell you who is or is not on the list, nor will
they provide email addresses.

11. In joining this list, you are joining an *established community*.
While we respect your rights to privacy, we would ask that you meet our
trust in you halfway by posting a brief introduction to let the general
list know you’re on board (even if you’re just here to read, rather than
post). Personal bios are not mandatory, but they are both welcome and

By joining this list, you agree to these rules; any infraction of them
will result first in a warning from the List Admins. Further disregard
or complaints will result in your being immediately booted from the list,
unless and until an appeal is heard and granted.

Note that the list administrators reserve the right to remove someone
from the list, if they feel that the person’s continued presence
is disruptive to the group.


The EhBC “Mission Statement”
(or, “What the List is Here For”)

“Socialize, Inform, Play”

The Explanation: First, there was the Munch. Then there was the List.

The *list* was created to provide a means for the Munch community around
K-W to keep in touch. It started off strictly as a means of communication
among the locals. The “locality” has spread considerably, but the inherent
nature of the list has not. It remains a method for the munch community
to socialize, inform, play.

If you are on this list, we assume you are part of the physical Munch
Community, are soon going to be a part of the physical Munch Community,
or are vouched for by someone who is a part of the Munch Community. This
interconnectedness assures we will maintain a certain level of security
and comfort when discussing very sensitive personal and private issues.

If you have any questions concerning either the list rules, or the
Mission Statement, or for general information on the EhBC Community,
event schedules, etc., please get in touch with us using the Contact Us link
at the top of this page.