Basic Fetiquette

The following are some common-sense tips that will help make the event more fun for everyone.

  • Double check interests before proceeding, and immediately respond to safewords while playing. Common safewords might be “yellow” (pause, slow down, check in, etc) and “red” (meaning “stop immediately”). You can negotiate whatever safewords you like, but if you don’t negotiate anything then yellow and red will be assumed.
  • Do not interfere in someone else’s scene unless specifically invited in by the Dom or Top in question. If you seriously believe there’s a problem with a scene, appeal privately to the Dungeon Monitors and let them handle it.
  • Some people like one-on-one, and others like group activities. If you want to join a scene already under way, don’t just butt in, but don’t just go away, either. Check with the Top running the scene and join in or not, as he/she says. If approached to join in by a Top, you may politely decline if you wish.
  • Because of the venue we’re using, no penetration or genital nudity is permitted.
  • If you’re in the vicinity of action or watching a scene in progress, keep out of the way and keep quiet. In the playroom and other play areas, keep what you say to appropriate subjects and to an appropriate level.
  • If you are into heavily verbal trips, avoid places where your loud shouts, curses, etc. may disturb someone else’s scene.
  • As a Top, force only those who want to be forced, and make certain that you know your bottom’s major limitations and turn offs BEFORE you begin.
  • As a bottom, if you have a medical or other problem that might affect the scene, make certain that your Top is aware of it BEFORE you begin.
  • Out of respect for the privacy of our members and guests, cameras are not permitted at the party.
  • Clean up after yourself throughout the evening, and please consider staying around at the end to help with final cleanup.