Food Play and its Possible Dangers

contributed by kel

Here are some basic health and safety tips for playing with food.

  1. Some irritant oils can cause real damage; use capsicum, cinnamon, clove and menthol with care and in small, diluted quantities to start with. Oil based meaning they will not just wash off with water. I have heard though that if this happens it may be weakened by adding more oil, such as an olive oil to help dilute the irritant from the skin. If using an irritant oil things such as tight clothing, hot baths and plastic wraps will cause a much more intense effect. If it is your first try with the irritant oils then please try them diluted first and on yourself before you attempt it on another please.
  2. Insertion play, please be careful here. Bad things to use include abrasive items, irritants or anything that may have potential alergens on them. If in doubt, use a condom on the food before inserting. Rectal tissues can break easily, so please use extreme caution. for example, if using ice, make sure you run it under warm water first to remove the sharp corners. Do not use dry ice for prolonged skin contact. Tread carefully in the vagina, sugar is a big no no there. A little sugar can encourage bad bacteria and yeast growth and a lot of sugar will create an “osmotic pull” and do real damage. Therefore that good old whipped cream and sweet fruits should be taboo up there for us females.
    Also, no blowing air into the vagina, it can in rare cases cause fatal embolisms. (this would then include no perrier douches)
    The nitrates in meats such as salami and sausages are not good for your inner workings. If you must go there, for God’s sake, use a condom on the meat.
    Non water soluble fats are not latex compatable and also will trap bacteria very easily, so please, keep them out of the lower body cavities and stick to things that are water soluable. (non soluble would be any product containing oil and or fat)
  3. For goodness sake, if you must insert a food up your arse, do not attempt eating it afterwards. I do not care how clean they tell you that you are from the enemas, there will still be traces of fecal matter. The bacteria that would be found in these traces of fecal matter are dangerous to ingest.
    Hard alcohol in an enema??? Please do not go there. Aside from the severe burning and pain it can cause damage to your lower GI.