Kink-Friendly Professionals

Every now and again, people may be looking for someone with a particular skill set who also happens to be kink-friendly. The following list may help.

  • Lady Viktoria, a passionate avante garde sex educator and sex toy confidante. To enhance playful loving, book your “Sexy Toy” home party today and or your class/workshop of choice at the website.
  • silkyn ( is a kink and tg friendly hypnotherapist and hypnotic past life regressionist, located in Burlington. Housecalls, skype and phone sessions are possible under some circumstances. She also works with D/s and M/s couples, and gives workshops to help you incorporate erotic hypno fun into your lives.
  • Alpha Bitch runs a Pet to Vet ambulance service
  • Beth Murch (aka “Bethy”) offers antental/pregnancy, labour and postpartum doula services
  • Gary Heathen can perform legal weddings, so if you want a D/s-friendly ceremony he’s the guy to contact.
  • Franklin is a professional jeweller, who can make custom pieces such as rings, collars and other symbols.
  • Zed is a kink-friendly graphic designer
  • Dommannick is a registered Real Estate Agent, specializing residential real estate in the Toronto area.
  • Jim is a kink friendly Polarity Practioner – polarity being an energetic hands on holistic healing approach.
  • Jared offsets two services. He’s a graphic designer who creates everything from business cards and CD covers to posters and web graphics, and he also does soundtrack work and video post-production for films.
  • Dark Raven (Lady Dee) is a professional aesthetician who provides a service of hair removal for males and females alike. (Body Sugaring).
  • Susan is a kink-friendly psychotherapist, practicing in the Milton area.
  • Karen▒is kink-friendly (and poly-friendly, and swingers-friendly) counsellor practicing in the Kitchener area.
  • Ian▒is a kink-friendly accountant who can do bookkeeping as well as personal and business tax returns and financial statement preparation.

If you would like to be added to this list, just drop us a line using the Contact Us link at the top of this page. |